In the continued celebration of artisan craftsmanship, we at the Armsby Abbey offer you a unique list of righteous cocktails. Handcrafted and tailored to the season, the sources of our cocktail ingredients are as important to us as our food menu items.


Noggy & Nice

Medley Brother’s Bourbon. Amaretto. Eggnog.
Keep the smile on your face all through December with a delicious and, creamy eggnog fortified with Holiday spirits!

Griswold Daiquiri

Privateer Silver Rum. Sweet Vermouth. Cherry. Lime.
There is only as much Christmas cheer in the Griswold family as there are cocktails enjoyed. Have yourself a fruity and tart daiquiri.

Mull it Over

Cognac. Mulled Cider. Sparkling Wine.
It’s time to embrace fall with the warm flavors that remind us why this is the best time of year in New England.

Resolution's End

Four Roses Bourbon. Fernet Branca. Ginger. Grenadine. Lemon.
A balanced presentation of big flavors. Dry and tart with a lasting bitter finish that keeps you coming back. A staff favorite.

Pragmatic Prince

Bully Boy Estate Gin. Aperol. Dry Vermouth. Grapefruit Cordial.
A slightly bitter, and herbal cocktail that is dry and bright. It can please plenty of people with picky palates.

Sparkling Aura

Bully Boy Vodka. Spiced Pear. Cranberry. Pomegranate. Sparkling Wine.
The best way to ring in the new year. Start off the calendar right with a glass full of benevolent cheer.

El Gorra

Chamucos Reposado Tequila. Homemade Chai. Milk Chocolate. Nutmeg.
“The Cap” is a spiced delight ready for cooler weather and the changing seasons. Rich flavors and a light body make this cocktail interesting and irresistible.

Merry Mad River Medicine

Mad River Rye. Honey. Spices. Hot Water.
While it’s cold, it’s nice to drink warm things, and even nicer when there is alcohol in it. Warm your hands on a glass of whiskey and honey.

Starry Night

Hendrick’s Gin. Pomegranate. Dry Curacao. Lemon. 
Conjures images of a dark winter’s night where the stars sparkle like diamonds in the sky. Unusually good. Refreshing. Sparkly.

Spiced Sangria

Brandy. Merlot. Apple Cider. Pear. Cinnamon. Clove. Orange. Prosecco finish.
The ideal combination of wine, spices, and fall!



Alain Normand, Mâcon La Roche Vineuse, Chardonnay

Burgundy, France | 12/36
Bright, young, pale yellow color. Intense, attractive and rich on the nose, with hints of very ripe white, yellow, and exotic fruit aromas. This is a fruity wine which is big, smooth and fresh on the palate.

Velenosi Pecorino

Marche, Italy | 10/33
Fresh. Crisp. Aromas Sage & Thyme. Mineral Finish.


Higher Ground Pinot Noir

Monterey, California | 10/30
Dark red berry fruit, juicy plum and cranberry flavors are accented with spice notes and a touch of tobacco.  This is an elegant, velvety textured Pinot, bright, balanced, and altogether delicious…

Bieler “La Jassine”

Cotes du Rhone, France | 10/30
Plums and currant. Dark chocolate, and a dry tannic, finish.

2012 Barolo Coste di Monforte

| Piedmont, Italy | 68 Ripe fruit, raspberries with hints of violet. Soft tannins, long finish.


Mas Fi Brut Cava | Penedès, Spain | 9/30

Extremely effervescent. Floral, ripe fruit aromas. Elegant. Balanced.

NV Roederer Estate Brut | Mendocino, California | 68

Seamless and silky, complex, lemon and pear, toasty brioche.


Ugly Mule

Ginger beer. Lime. Agave.
Bright and refreshing, this is a non-alcoholic Moscow mule for the teetotalers who still want something more than water.

Cider Town

Cider. Spices. Cranberry. 
A refreshing combination of fall flavors.


Cream. Eggs. Spices.
Exactly as delicious as you want it to be.

Iced Chai Coffee

Cold Coffee. Housemade Chai.
A pick me up that won’t let you down, try our house made chai in a cup of iced Armeno coffee.

Mulled Cider

Hot Apple Cider. Spices.
Here’s a warm drink to warm you to the core.